Enactus (Entrepreneurial Action Us) is the largest global business network in the world with over 48,000 students at 1,500 universities in 39 countries. Enactus UPEI is one of 57 University teams across Canada that implements social entrepreneurial projects that help make your community a better place socially, economically, and environmentally.

Throughout the school year we develop our own projects, events and initiatives that focus on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and the environment. Past projects at Enactus UPEI include financial advice and budgeting presentations, food drives, entrepreneurship competitions, senior’s fraud prevention campaigns and the event An Entrepreneurial Evening with The Wealthy Barber. At the end of each year we travel to Regional and National competitions to present on what we have accomplished in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and environment sections.

We are non-profit, not connected to any class, open to students of all University faculties, and completely run by our student members. Enactus is an incredible way to develop skills, meet new people, build your résumé, and help out your community.

"We make a positive community impact through social entrepreneurial action."

For more information:

Enactus UPEI office, McDougall Hall 234 at UPEI
Email: enactusupei@gmail.com

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Business Student Competitions

The Faculty of Business also participates in case and business plan competitions. These vary from year to year, and your instructors will keep you aware of any that are upcoming.