Advisory Council

The mission of the Business Advisory Council is to offer relevant insight and expert advice to the Faculty of Business as it continues its growth and development into a widely-recognized hub of excellence in business education.

The Advisory Council is comprised of approximately twelve members representing business leaders from the region and beyond as well as two members representing the Faculty of Business. Business leaders are defined as those who are leaders in the business community inclusive of those with prominent roles in government. The Faculty of Business strives to ensure that the membership of the Council represents local, national, and international business experience and views.

Meet the UPEI Faculty of Business Advisory Council

The Advisory Council roles and tasks include:

  1. Advising the Faculty in the design and delivery of new programs and offerings as well as on the effectiveness of existing programs to meet the changing needs of the local, national, and international business communities.
  2. Acting as a communication bridge between the Faculty of Business and the business community at large. It facilitates relations and partnerships between the Faculty of Business and the business stakeholders by relating the needs, priorities, and concerns of that community to the faculty and its members.
  3. Providing advice on how the Faculty of Business can most effectively obtain sufficient support to meet its various education objectives.
  4. Aiding the Faculty of Business in promoting interactions between faculty members, students, and the business community.
  5. Recommending strategies to meet the continuing and changing educational needs of the national and international business and management communities.
  6. Supporting the Faculty of Business in the establishment of awards and scholarships for students and in attracting speakers, visiting faculty members, and excellent students.